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Business Goal Setting Workshop For FAST Results

December 08, 2020 Kath Kyle
Manifest Business Success
Business Goal Setting Workshop For FAST Results
Show Notes

Watch my FREE Business Goal Setting Workshop For Fast Results where I show you exactly how to set 3 essential goals that will get you results within one month.  Boost your confidence, feel like a winner, and attract more success to you by achieving your goals every time.

This free workshop and associated workbook is part of my book bonus bundle for STAMP Goals, and I’m only making this workshop and workbook free for a limited time, so grab that while it is still available. 

In my STAMP Goals book, I show you where you’ve been going wrong with goal setting, how to transform your business by setting the right type of goals, how to make sure you achieve your goals every time, how to make a plan for achieving the goals that will lead you to success, and how to make goal achievement a habit

To get hold of my brand new book you can either search for STAMP Goals book by Kath Kyle on Amazon, or you can click the link below or the link in my Instagram bio @kath_Kyle to read more about it

I’m also giving away some fabulous bonuses to anyone who purchases either my kindle or my paperback books on Amazon.

At the moment I’ve kept the price of my book super low, but I am gradually raising the price, so get my book before it goes up in price. 

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